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The Antares Refreshment Center
Used Combo Vending Machines<BR>The Antares Refreshment Center Quantity in Basket:none
Price: $1,295.00
Shipping Weight: 330.00 pounds

The Antares Refreshment Center Vending Combo is a versatile, compact, attractive system that works well in offices, retail locations, breakrooms, etc...

This system has 4 main components: the snack machine, soda machine, dollar bill changer, & a stabilizing base.

The snack and soda vending machines are mechanical in their vending operation. In other words, they work like a gumball machine - put the coins in and turn the knob or handle. The only electricity required is for the cooling unit on the drinks and an as needed vend of the coin changer as it reads a dollar bill and ejects the change.

This vending combo is extremely quiet and is reliable. However, the construction may not be best for locations where vandalism is likely. They are very easy to work on & repair.

This vending machine has a sizable capacity considering it's small footprint.
Snacks - 9 selections with 125 to 140 items
Sodas - 7 selections with either 175 cans or 100 cans and 75 10oz. bottles. (Exception: late 2005+ models have 6 can selections and 1 selection for 12oz to 20oz bottles)
- holds $100

Vending Machine Specifications
Overall Weight: 330 lbs
Overall Height: 61.5"
Snack: 53.5"h, 29"w, 7"d 45lbs
Soda: 55"h, 28"w, 26.5"d 244 lbs
Changer: 23"h, 6"w, 14"d 29 lbs
Base: 6.5'h, 28"w, 33"d 12 lbs


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