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New Frozen Food and Ice Cream Vending Machine
USI Alpine Combi 3000
New Frozen Food and Ice Cream Vending Machine<BR>USI Alpine Combi 3000 Quantity in Basket:none
Code: AlpineCombi
Price: $6,595.00
Shipping Weight: 724.00 pounds

Two Machines in One High Capacity Cabinet With a Small Footprint

The Alpine Combi 3000 combination refrigerated & frozen food vending machine is our new high capacity stand alone cold and frozen food machine that fits through a 32" doorway from the leading vending machine manufacturer.
• Two machines in one. Refrigerated foods from the top ice cream and other frozen foods from the bottom
• High Capacity with up to 540 items and moves easily through most entryways
• LED lighting enhances product presentation, requires no service for minimum of 5+ years and reduces lighting energy costs by 73% over fluorescent equipped models
• Convertible in the field to fully refrigerated or fully frozen

Patent pending air flow design promotes zone controlled temperatures for refrigerated and frozen foods.
• Low-E Glass
• Efficient insulation of critical food areas without need for entire cabinet refrigeration
• Programmable Led display
- Back lighted keypad with Braille identification
- MDB support for all industry standard devices including cash, coin, debit and credit systems
- DEX data output support
- Full featured controller with sales and accounting
- Programmable coupon and token values
- Price setting by selection, row or machine

NOTE: Selections, capacities and weight vary depending on model and configuration.
Std. Selections Up to 36 items
Std. Capacity 320 Items, Configurable up to 540
Pricing Individual from $0 to $655.35
Payment Systems All Industry standard MDB compatible devices
Communication Protocols DEX/UCS
Std. Features iVendฎ Delivery Sensor System, inDEX Tool, LED lighting, Heated Glass, High Efficiency Modular Refrigeration System
Options Can & Bottle Tray, Custom Graphics
Height 72" (183 cm)
Width 29 1/2" (75 cm)
Depth 38" (97 cm)
Net Weight *724 lbs. (329.1 kg) *Varies with tray configuration and options.
Electrical Services Domestic: 115 VAC/60Hz, 13 AMPS International: 230 VAC/50Hz, 6.5 AMPS
Temp. Range -15 degrees F through 36 degrees F
Refrigeration 5/8 HP, R-404a System

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