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Refurbished Coffee Fresh Brew Vending Machine
Crane - GPL Hot Drink Series 673
Refurbished Coffee Fresh Brew Vending Machine<BR>Crane - GPL Hot Drink Series 673 Quantity in Basket:none
Code: GPL673
Price: $4,395.00
Shipping Weight: 475.00 pounds

CRANE GPL 673 Fresh Brew Coffee Machine

10 Product Selection includes: Freeze Dried Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Café latte and Americano.  
Distinct Styling Complements and Location.  
PosiVend Guaranteed Delivery System 
Credit/Debt Card Capable
Programmable dual cup or single cup
Cup turret tilts forward for quick and easy loading 
Product canisters are easy to reach and slide out for cleaning. Flip-up lids make filling easy
Individual mixing bowls ensure true taste, without cross flavoring. Bowls are rinsed at touch of button
Programmable bowl & brewer rinse cycles
Everpure water filter is standard
Can handle a Dollar Bill Validator, Coin Mechanism, and Debit Card Reader simultaneously
Electronic Multiple pricing
Data recall feature permits collection of number of vends, free-vends, and paid sales. 
Time-of-day mode permits flexible free-vends and up to four inhibit periods per day
Electronic Temperature Control
Fully programmable ingredient timing and water volume control
Diagnostics messages displayed in plain English

Ten Hot Drink Selections

Freeze Dried Regular Coffee
Freeze Dried Decaf Coffee
Freeze Dried Tea
Hot Chocolate
Café Latte
Two Blended Drink Options
Gourmet Coffee or Soup (option)

Canister Capacities

Regular Coffee (ground) - 13 pounds
Regular Coffee (freeze dried) - 2 pounds
Decaf Coffee (freeze dried) - 1.5 pounds
Tea (freeze fried) - 1.5 pounds
International Coffee - 6 pounds
Chocolate - 10 pounds
Sugar - 10 pounds
Lightener - 4.5 pounds

Cup Capacities

5 ounce - 965
7 ounce (squat) - 805
8.25 ounce - 735
9 ounce (squat) - 770
10 ounce - 690
12 ounce (tall) - 660
Technical support available Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:00pm CST
Specifications- Dimensions: H: 72" D: 28.5" W: 32" 
Weight: 475 lbs

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