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Refurbished Drink Vending Machines Vendo Vue 40
Refurbished Drink Vending Machines Vendo Vue 40 Quantity in Basket:none
Code: VendoVue40
Price: $2,795.00
Shipping Weight: 800.00 pounds
Vendo VUE 40 Robotic Operated Cold Beverage Machine

It is widely known that glass front vending machines provide a better presentation to customers and as a result sell a higher volumes at a larger profits. The VUE 40 vending machine is not only good for the customer they are great for the vending machine operator who no longer has to unload the entire tray to get a few new items in the column, the VUE is a true "first in, first out" vending machine which will reduce if not eliminate spoilage. The operator can now vend virtually any package(2" 3" in diameter and 3" 9" in height) without any shims or adjustments, just fill the tray, set the price and you are good to go. Easy to use, good looking and very profitable, what more can you ask for from a vending machine?

This isn't your same old glass front drink vending machine; this is the glass front drink vending machine brought to a whole new level! The VUE 40 is expandable to 7 shelves and 56 selections (more selections than some convenience stores). The robot delivery system allows you to vend carbonated drinks from any shelf without the "fizz up" associated with other glass front vending machines on the market today.

Modular construction employed for easy service.
40 Selections - 8 oz. cans to 20 oz. bottles.
Set up consists of 5, 6 or 7 pullout trays with 8 columns each.
Capacity: 320 to 504 items.
Logic: MDB protocol.
Multi-pricing - price each item individually from $0.05 to $99.95.
Comes with remanufactured Coinco, Conlux or Mars coin changer and bill validator.
Credit Card capable.
Delivery system housed in door.
"Tractor Feed" concept employed in X, Y and Z motions.
Delivery system retracts out of sight.
2 x 20 Character display for better customer communication.
Full range of diagnostic menus and test programs.
Product is "served not shaken" ensuring no agitation and no product "spill over" onto customers.
Modular Refrigeration Cassette - Quick easy change out minimizes service time.
Flexibility - Shimless vending of bottles, cans, cartons provides for optimal product mix and maximum vending profits.
Security - Metal hopper, anti-theft device and internal hinges all help provide strong deterrents to vandalism.
Secure anti-theft locking system.
Live display - meaning no product labels.
ADA approved.
Energy Star compliant.
Machine is completely quality control checked prior to shipment.

Dimensions: 72.0 H x 41.5 W x 32.0 D
Power: 115V, 60HZ, 10.0 amps
Selections: 40 to 56 Drinks depending on number of shelves
Capacity: 320 to 504 items depending on number of shelves
Shipping Weight: 800 lbs.

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